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Covid-19 variant detection with next gen sequencing

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Proudly Sequencing Samples for Professional Sports and Patients Across the United States.

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the way forward

Next Generation Sequencing is the only way forward to help control the pandemic, understand the complicated immune response system to the new mRNA vaccines and monitor the potential for vaccine escape or immune evasion as a result of new mutations and variants.

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  • Virus and Variant Detection
  • Avoids False Negatives and Positives
  • Novel Viruses
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  • Contact Tracing
  • Patterns of community spread of new variants 
  • Identification of “super spreader” events
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  • Contribution to GISAID Initiative
  • Helps Predict Virus Movements
  • Helps with diagnostics and immunity


who benefits from sequencing?


  • Contact Tracing
  • Dissimilarity Index
  • Hierarchical Clustering Tree
  • Identification of Novel Variants and Mutations
  • Targeted Vaccination
  • Identification of Super Spreader Events


  • Identification of Super Spreader Events
  • Sample Relatedness
  • Hierarchical Clustering Tree
  • Identification of Variants and Mutations
  • Contact Tracing


  • Identification of Novel Variants and Mutations
  • Sample Relatedness
  • Identification of Super Spreader Events
1 Based on internal validation studies.
2 Sampling of literature of specificity of RT-PCR -
3 Included at no additional cost if sample is from an Avrok Laboratories screen. Available as a standalone if the sample comes from another lab.


Accurate Testing

Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) is measurably more accurate than PCR testing.

High Throughput

NGS allows us to process tens of thousands of samples per day in a small footprint.


NGS testing is much more sensitive than PCR and is not susceptible to false negative results like PCR.

More Data

You need to know your enemy to win the war! NGS gives us the information we need to effectively fight this virus. 


How fast will I get my results?

Results are expected to have a 24-36 hour turnaround time from the time the samples arrive at the laboratory.

Who performs the collection of the sample?

The oral collection is an observed self-collection test that comes with clear and easy instructions for the user.

Will the tests require pharyngeal swabs in the back of the nose?

No. We use an oral swab. It is non-invasive and not painful.

Where will the tests be processed?

All tests will be performed in our laboratory in Azusa, California

How many people can be tested daily by Avrok Laboratories?

We currently have the capacity to process around 50,000 samples per day.

How do I get started?

Please fill out your information in the contact us section and we will contact you within 24 hours.



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