Avrok Laboratories offers surveillance screening for COVID-19 testing. Test your entire organization at a fraction of the price with pool testing and protect your employees, their family and your business. Receive results in 24-36 hours and allow your organization to get back to what you do best. Be part of the BACK TO movement and get your life back! 

pool testing with next gen sequencing

next gen sequencing


accurate testing

Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) is measurably more accurate than PCR Covid-19 testing.

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pool testing

Testing up to 5 people in each pool is cost effective and recommended by the CDC.


quick turnaround

Find out results with 24-36 hours of sample pickup. Surveillance testing can get you back to life.


secure results

trusted and secure results are as important to our team as it is to yours.


NGS (Next Gen Sequencing) is 99% accurate and up to 74% more cost effective than other COVID-19 testing methods. The main testing alternative is PCR tests, which have shown to be less accurate than NGS testing. 



Pool testing, which involves collecting groups of samples and testing them at once, could improve our situation significantly.

- Dr. Anthony Fauci

who benefits from sequencing?


  • Contact Tracking
  • Dissimilarity Index
  • Phylogeny Tree
  • Indentification of Variants and Mutations
  • Targeted Vaccination


  • Identification of Super Spreader Events
  • Sample Relatedness
  • Phylogeny Tree
  • Identification of Variants and Mutations


  • Identification of Variants and Mutations
  • Sample Relatedness


Accurate Testing

Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) is measurably more accurate than PCR testing.

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Pick the pooling surveillance program that fits your organization’s needs. You can pool up to 5 people per test, saving your business up to 74% off the cost of conventional testing methods. 

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Collect pooled samples from your employees at the frequency you need to keep your staff, colleagues or team safe. 

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Receive a report with a recommendation based on the test results in order to keep everyone working safely.


How fast will I get my results?

Results are expected to have a 24-36 hour turnaround time from the time the samples arrive at the laboratory.

Will the tests require pharyngeal swabs in the back of the nose?

No. We use an oral swab. It is non-invasive and not painful.

How many people can be tested daily by Avrok Laboratories?

We currently have the capacity to process around 50,000 samples per day.

How do I get started?

Please fill out your information in the contact us section and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Where will the tests be processed?

All tests will be performed in our laboratory in Azusa, California

How do I work with Avrok Laboratories to pick the right plan for my organization?

You can contact us at to partner with an advisor who will help you pick the best program for your organization.

Does the CDC recommend Pool Testing?

Yes. The CDC, FDA, and Dr. Fauci all have looked at Pool Testing as a solution for Covid-19 surveillance testing.



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